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Planter Bags

Planter BagsWhite planter bagsBlack planter bagsWhite planter bag

Generally produced in black or white, however specific colours are available depending on quantity. We manufacture our plastic planter bags from virgin resins & UV stabilizers, so you know they will last a minimum of 2 years in the harshest Australian climate.

Each bag has five to six holes per side, at least one hole at the base, two at the shoulder, and two up the side, to promote adequate drainage. Hydroponic bags normally have two holes placed about 25mm up from the shoulder to create a small reservoir.

Note: Codes begining with BW are white bags.

ItemWidth (mm)Height (mm)Gauge (um)LitresQtyPrice
BB0610P6510075 0.33100056.00
BB0615P6515075 0.5100069.00
BB0620P6520075 0.66100080.00
BB0810P8010075 0.5100062.00
BB0815P8015075 0.75100076.00
BB0820P8020075 1100089.00
BB1013P10013075 1100076.00
BB1023P10023075 1.81000105.00
BB1213P12013090 1.5100089.00
BB1218P12018090 2.01000106.00
BB1228P12028090 2.81000141.00
BB1514P150140100 2.050061.00
BB1517E150170100 2.550064.00
BB1517H150170140 2.550093.00
BB1522H150220140 4500106.00
BB1530E150300100 550089.00
BB1538H150380140 7500157.00
BB2020P200200150 525062.00
BB2032P200320150 1025086.00
BB2224P220240150 1025081.00
BB2233P220330150 15250103.00
BB2522P250220175 10250108.00
BB2532P250320175 20250136.00
BB3021P300210220 1510063.00
BB3028P300280220 2010068.00
BB3035P300350220 2510078.00
BB3732P375320250 35100109.00
BB3741P375410250 45100133.00
BB4038P400380250 45100134.00
BB5031P500310250 605095.00
BB5041P500410250 7550107.00
BB5051P500510250 10050123.00
BB5545P550450250 10050130.00
BB6055P600550250 1502071.00
BB7062P700625250 20020118.50
BB9870P980700250 40010115.50