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All products are manufactured using virgin (not recycled) LDPE resin, and combined with the necessary amount of additives to suit the specific applications of our customers. In the majority of cases, this will be to last a minimum of 2 years, however in some cases 6 to 12 months maybe all that is required.

UV data is obtained from tests performed in our own Australian outback (or equivalent) due to the harshness of our climate, so we guarantee the life expectancy of all our standard range of products to retain 50% of their tensile strength for 2 years.

Our processes allow for smaller production runs, and customising products to suit your specific requirements. Properties like: length, diameter, thickness, and hole placement can be modified, though may be dependant upon quantity. Please call or email to discuss your specific requirements.

All prices include GST, and bags for potted plants (eg. Planter Bags) are subject to a 5% Nursery Levy.

Black Plastic Planter Bag
Black Planter Bags – Manufactured from virgin LDPE polymers and UV stabilised to last for 2 years under Australian conditions, are economical and allow close stacking for transportation
White Planter Bag
White Planter Bags – Similar to black bags, however may have the ability to reflect more heat &/or light.
Tree Guard or Tree Protection Sleeve
Propatube (Tree Guard) or tree protection sleeves, create a stable environment around young trees and saplings when used with tree stakes, providing similar conditions to a mini hot house.
Irrigation Fluming over rough terrain
Irrigation Fluming – Used for transporting low pressure water over rough ground or difficult to reach areas
Planter bag seconds
Specials – Sometimes mistakes are made and rather than have these recycled, they may suit your application at a heavily discounted price