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White Planter Bags

White Planter Bags

Manufacturers and wholesalers of UV Stabilised white poly planter bags (or grow bags)

We manufacture a range of white planter bags, however due to the many different sizes and quantities required by our customers, don’t keep regular stock levels.

Below are some of the more common sizes & prices, however there can be up to a 2 week lead time upon placement/payment of order.

If you require pricing for different sizes, please email with the ‘filled’ size and quantity required, and we’ll get back to you with price and expected lead time.

Note: Out of stock items can still ordered, and will be placed on priority back order.

Note: Switching from black to white planter bags means there may be some unavoidable black streaking evident, however this will in no way affect the bag’s strength or UV stability.

White Planter BagsSKUYour PriceAction
Planter Bags 150mm dia x 380mm high White 7Ltr PK500


$200.00 Add to Order
Planter Bags 150mm dia x 300mm high White Avo PK500


$165.00 Add to Order
Planter Bags 200mm dia x 320mm high White Mac PK250


$112.00 Add to Order
Planter Bags 220mm dia x 330mm high White 15Ltr PK250


$135.00 Add to Order