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White Planter Bags

White Planter Bags

Manufacturers and wholesalers of UV Stabilised white poly planter bags (or grow bags)

Manufacturers and wholesalers of premium grade, UV stabilised, white poly plastic planter bags (grow bags). Below are our standard range of planter bag sizes, however should you require a custom size planter bag, let us tailor them to suit your requirements. Depending on quantity required, bag length, diameter, thickness, or number of holes can be altered to meet your needs.

The standard dimensions specified below are when the planter bag is filled to give you an indication of it’s size in comparison to a pot. This will also give a good indication when determining what size planter bag is required to suit the root ball of your plants. The litres specified are calculated to the best of our knowledge, and are a guide when calculating soil quantity required.


If you require pricing for different sizes, please email with the ‘filled’ size and quantity required, and we’ll get back to you with price and expected lead time.

Note: Switching from black to white planter bags means there may be some unavoidable black streaking evident, however this will in no way affect the bag’s strength or UV stability.

Note: Larger sizes up to 45 litres are available, however minimum quantities apply.